Contents: 100ml (3.4 FL.oz)
Ingredients: Water, Sterile solution of Hyphochlorous Acid
pH: 5.8

Directions of use:
We suggest the following:
Spray the wound continuously for 2 to 3 minutes. Gently remove any debris that may be present. Allow the mist to air dry without rubbing it in or wiping it off.
Apply dressings as usual if required.

For use on all burns, scrapes, cuts & bites. Use with breathable dressings if required.
Great for sunburn, nappy rash, cradle cap & inflammatory skin conditions.
The perfect size for your handbag, briefcase or nappy bag.

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What is Hypochlorous Acid?

This is a naturally occurring product which is formed by the human white blood cells and is used by our bodies to fight infection and heal wounds. It, therefore, plays a central role in our immunity. The medical profession has for decades been trying to manufacture Hypochlorous acid outside of the human body, with varying success. Thoclor Labs combines an exclusive multi-step and IP-protected method of producing high potency, stable & pure Hypochlorous acid with no toxic residue. This unique combination results in a Hypochlorous solution that has incredibly impressive disinfection, anti-inflammatory and rapid wound healing properties.

  • Strong disinfectant action against disease-forming bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Reduction in inflammation (less redness, pain and swelling)
  • Significantly reduced healing time, up to 70% faster
  • Effective elimination of biofilm on contact


  • Safely destroys pathogens on contact including bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Effective against super-bugs
  • Eliminates biofilm on contact
  • Rapidly reduces pain & redness
  • Works quickly on inflammation & stops any itch
  • Speeds-up healing
  • Non toxic, does not sting or burn
  • Safe for pregnant & breast-feeding women, children and babies
  • Microbiome friendly


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